Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful Alcohol Free Spirits.

Our Alcohol Free Spirits Collection

The best way to experience our wide collection of Alcohol Free Spirits is to visit the store. Follow the Collection and deals and choose the most enticing flavor to satisfy your palate.

Zero Alcohol – Zero Sugar – Zero Carb – Gluten Free – Friendly Veggies

“Hi! I’m so thankful for this company. I am trying to quit drinking hard alcohol, but I still enjoy the taste. You’re company has given me hope for the future. Please don’t ever go out of business!” Justin M.

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Alcohol Free Spirits

Arkay Drinks are approved by EEC Food Regulators, FDA Food & Drug Administration USA and SFDA Food & Drug Authority KSA.

Arkay is Kosher conformed
Arkay is Halal conformed

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Arkay Cocktails

At cocktail parties, designated drivers, teetotalers and pregnant women often are limited to drinking soda, water or juice – options that can become incredibly monotonous.

Arkay Social Café

Arkay allows you to do good to others while making money. ArKay Suggested retail prices are following the industry standards, the ones you will find in regular cafes and this makes it attractive to students.

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Trusted Since 2011
Arkay sets internal goal of 1 billion in revenue by 2028 with the launch of alcohol free beer, alcohol free cocktails and flavored waters, and with the opening of distribution centers in 200 US markets.

Arkay Social Responsability

ArKay tastes exactly like alcohol, it is safe and no addictive. Zero Alcohol - Zero Sugar - Zero Carb - Gluten Free - Friendly Veggies. Guilt Free

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