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7 Hidden Secrets stated above
ensure the Arkay drinker of

Happiness | Health | Longevity

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ARKAY is crafted, not distilled — Meaning No Alcohol Ever

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Clean and Healthy : Zero Alcohol, Zero Sugar, Zero Sweetener, Zero Calories, Zero Carbs, no GMO, No Gluten, Friendly Veggies

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When you drink Arkay you have the sensation like

“I´am drinking something that´s alcoholic”

Arkay has a hint of seeming like you are drinking alcohol!

It´s not spicy, it´s spicy to emulate alcohol, so alcohol with the bite


Arkay supports the Conscientious Cocktailer

Sophisticated Zero Proof Spirits

Remember that Arkay Zero Proof Alternative is great straight or on the rock, it is also excellent for mixing.
Here are some great mocktails to try when your bottle arrives:

Customers reviews

What people say?

Tastes like the real thing and better than any other NA whiskey we have found.
Nicole F.
Verified Buyer
Customer service was amazing – they added a little extra surprise to our package that was very much appreciated!
Marcus W.
Verified Buyer
First drink tasted different, 2nd and subsequent was good and enjoyable guilt free option!
Larry .G
Super Sale, very happy with it
Linda J.
Head Of Sales , Intel

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