The man who carries the pitcher of water is the symbol for this sign. This is because Aquarians are often generous with their time and resources. For this reason this sign often find themselves in occupations where they are helping on some humanitarian level. They are interested and have a deep concern for the welfare of others. They never know a stranger and are generally loved by all around them. Aquarians never meet a stranger and often will go out of their way to meet with people that they’ve not heard from for years. Connection is at the core of this sign.

The ideal flavors with the most kick  are :  Arkay ORANGE NAPOLEON | IRISH CREAM

Suggested Cocktail is  :


1½ oz. ArKay Alcohol Free Pina Colada

1½ oz. ArKay Alcohol Free Orange Napoleón

2½ oz. Pineapple Juice

½ oz. Sweet Sour Mix

½ Whipping Cream

Garnish pineapple wedge



2018 :

You got: Don’t hide behind your wit

You’re truly the genius of the zodiac, with unparalleled wit and a natural pull toward all things intellectual. But your glorious brain often interferes with your heart, and you tend to silence the latter when you’re faced with strong feelings you can’t rationalize. This year, try to find out what’s really going on behind your biting one-liners, and make an effort to stop pushing away your feelings — sit with them for a bit instead of reasoning them away. You might discover something unexpectedly wonderful.

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