The symbol for this sign is that of a ram for good reason. Aries is full of life and possesses high energy, which makes this sign always looking for a challenge.

The ideal flavors with the most kick  are :  Arkay Vodka, Tequila, Rum, Gin

Suggested Cocktail is  :

ARKAY ADIOS                                           

 ½ oz. ArKay Alcohol Free Vodka

½ oz. ArKay Alcohol Free Rum

½ oz. ArKay Alcohol Free Tequila

½ oz. ArKay Alcohol Free Gin

½ oz. ArKay Alcohol Free Blue Curacao

2 oz. Sweet and Sour Mix

1 oz. Lemon Juice

2 oz Lemon Soda

Preparation :

Serve the ingredients in the glass

Garnish :


2018 :

You got: Remember to breathe

As a fiery Aries, you’re full steam ahead at all times. Confident, ambitious, honest, and passionate about the things you love, you probably laugh at the idea of “downtime.” You’re a leader and an achiever, but this year, consider taking some time to combat burning out too fast. Your plan is probably to enter 2018 firing on all cylinders, and that’s great! Just make sure you’ve still got some juice left come March. Keep it simple and remember to breathe. Download an app, set a remind in your phone, just make sure that you take some time each day to reconnect with your breath, so that your 2018 success is a long-distance run instead of a sprint.

**The horoscope is written for entertainment purposes only!**