The crab symbolizes this sign for good reason. Just as the crab carries its own shell on its back, so too, does the typical cancerian…so to speak. The typical cancer person is all about home and family and is very dedicated and loyal to friends and family. Crabs often move sideways instead of moving in a straight line, and so will the person of this sign. Often, if it will avoid a fight, or achieve the goal, then moving in alternative directions to arrive at the destination is typical

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2018 :

You got: Don’t be afraid to speak up

As a Cancer, you’re likely a true introvert and a deeply private person. You’re deeply loyal, but rarely vocal about your feelings. You’re a mindful and considerate person, but you live in your head so much, sometimes you forget to vocalize how you’re feeling. This year, try to remember it’s OK to let people know how you’re feeling — whether that means sending a thank you card, texting your mom, or just letting your BFF know how much she means to you.

**The horoscope is written for entertainment purposes only!**

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