The Gemini symbol is that of a pair of twins. This is because this sign rarely likes to do anything alone. Gemini are never happier than when they are sharing ideas and concepts with someone else. Communication is a key element for this sign, so many of this sign go into occupations that include some communication in some large capacity.

The ideal flavors with the most kick  are :  Arkay AMARETTO

Suggested Cocktail is  :


1 oz. ArKay Alcohol Free Irish Cream

½ oz. ArKay Alcohol Free Spiced Rum

½ oz. ArKay Alcohol Free Amaretto

Natural Sirup

Cinnamon Powder


Ice Cubes


Pour the indregients in the shakes & beat for 10 seconds

Strain and serve.

Glassware :

old Fashion


Sprinkle Cinnamon

and grated coconut

2018 :

You got: Finish a longterm project

You hate all things routine and monotonous, and need constant change and stimulation in your life. This makes you a fantastic travel partner, but it also means you rarely finish longterm projects you take on. You’re loyal, and give great advice to others, but you have some trouble taking advice yourself. So make 2018 the year you finish that longterm project — finish painting the kitchen, write the final page of your pilot, sign up for that pottery class and make yourself go. It’ll be worth it, even if it feels a little routine.


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