Libra people tend to need balance in their lives like no other sign of the zodiac, which makes the symbol of the scales particularly appropriate for this sign. Libra people need to keep a balance between work lives and recreational lives and an equal balance in their emotional and spiritual/physical lives. Because of this need Libra signs can sometimes seem wishy-washy when they are asked to make a decision. This is because they must ‘weigh’ all of their options. However, rest assured, that when a Libra makes up their mind the decision is likely to be the best win/win for all involved; benefiting the most people. This sign does not like to see people unhappy.

The ideal flavors with the most kick  are :  Arkay  SPICED RUM

Suggested Cocktail is  :


2 oz. ArKay Alcohol Free Spiced Rum

1 oz. ArKay Alcohol Free Orange Napoleon

1 oz. Sweet Sour Mix

Ice Cubes


Pour the ingredients in the shakes and beat 10 seconds

Strain and serve.

Glassware :

Martini cocktail Cup


Orange slices in the cup.


2018 :

You got: Stop second-guessing yourself

You’re the most patient and balanced of the star signs, always looking for a good book and a non-confrontational debate, so it’s little wonder you weigh every side of a situation before making a decision. Cooperative and methodical, you always see both sides. However, this fair-minded strength also means you second-guess most of your decisions, both big and small. This year, try to remember that even though everyone’s opinion is valid, you can still take confidence in your stance. Sometimes you’re just right — and with your ample mind, you mostly are.

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